Nissan - Famous For Cars Like The Famous 2005 Nissan Maxima - Is Currently Getting Engaged In Electric Cars

Nissan - Famous For Cars Like The Famous 2005 Nissan Maxima - Is Currently Getting Engaged In Electric Cars

Nissan has produced an extensive range of popular cars and trucks, initially for domestic consumption but exported all around the world since the 1950s. When Nissan created such champions as the 2005 Nissan Maxima and also Titan trucks, competitors came up with a hybrid car in to add to their offerings. Nissan has by no means had much interest in becoming a major force in the hybrid car market. What precisely they have developed and intend to dominate with is an electric car. Nissan decided to go with a car that is 100% electric. That''s ideal, no gas, no tailpipe - 100% electric powered.

Nissan introduced electric cars in Europe during 2010 with completely different business models in different countries. Nissan Motor Company has nearly completed development of a lithium-ion battery making use of a lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide cathode (NMC). The brand new system, that will reportedly provide almost two times the potential of Nissan/AESC''s current manganese spinel cell. Nissan declares the car has a range of 100 miles, but one expert has indicated 70 is most likely more reasonable given the actual size of the pack. So far as range, this really is no opposition to traditional Nissan cars such as the 2005 Nissan Maxima, but for an electric car it is impressive. Nissan was able to fill the ground with 660 pounds of Lithium-Ion modules much like those seen in cell phone and laptops. Nissan has additionally announced its partnership with the NEC Corporation to make newest-generation lithium-ion batteries. Nissan expects the battery to keep 70 to 80% of its capacity for 8 years however they don''t guarantee it. They are surely offering an 8 years or 100''000 miles warranty for the battery.

The brand new Nissan Leaf is expected to be promoted in North America as is the 2005 Nissan Maxima as well as other Nissan standards, but also Europe, and Japan, beginning in late 2010. Nissan has announced it will manufacture the new Leaf compact electric powered car at its Sunderland plant in the UK. The annual production capacity will be 50,000 cars at Sunderland. The Nissan LEAF has met with excellent reviews and has even garnered the 2011 World Car of the Year Award.

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